About Us

Diversity Into Action:

  • Has built a network of employers, education institutions, government agencies, and local non-for-profits that can partner together to build and execute sustainable programs that make a difference.
  • Our business background provides us with the tools and elements of measurement and control to build a compelling story which will resonate with donors and funding partners.

Our Mission:

Diversity into Action is dedicated to improving economic prosperity and enhancing the quality of living for the under privileged and communities of color in Minnesota.

Our Vision:

To live in a society where ALL members truly have access to equal opportunities and thus can successfully move forward as individuals, flourish as families and thrive as a community.

Three Pillars:

Our mission is achieved by succeeding in three main pillars:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Health and well-being

Closing the Gap:

Many organizations exist that are making a difference in helping to bridge the gap. Nonetheless, the gap reduction is not happening at the rate that it should. Reasons why:

  • High-level programs are developed at an executive level without involving those who will be participating and directly affected.
  • Cultural nuance: You can have the best programs available but if you are unable to articulate in a cultural relevant form you will not be successful engaging minority segments.
  • Lack of interconnectivity: Schools, workforce development, unions, and corporations need to work together to effectively build programs that provide a clear pathway to success.

Board of Directors:

Ederick Lokpez – Board Chair

David Martinez – Board Member

Luis Moreno – Board Member

Dr. Ramon A. Pastrano IV – Board Member

Regina Seabrook – Board Member

Henry Torres – Board Member